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Digital Designs & Promotions

BS Pro Design, LLC was established by comedian Bill Stone to help entertainers and venues in designing better quality and more visually appealing digital designs and promotions.  

We work with performers in all areas of the entertainment business and strive to create extraordinary engaging designs that will grab your audience attention.  Posting a custom digital design created by Bill Stone, can help build your brand and make you stand out to your followers and fans.

Check out our website for more details on how you can have BS Pro Design create your next digital promotion today! !



We also provide several other design services for a variety of different needs! 



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BS Pro Design Logo

 Why You Should Choose   BS PRO DESIGN, LLC

BS Pro Design, LLC is a graphic design company specialized in creating high quality digital promotions. Our services include production of digital designs, video promotions, logos, social media banners/images and so much more.  

Are you a high profile entertainer looking for top design work?  Are you  a new entertainer in need of a design that makes you stand out?  Are you a venue eager to present the perfect promotion that will bring in a crowd and produce sales?  Let us help you! 


Consider BS Pro Design, LLC your #1 fan! 

We will partner with you to determine the best look and feel for your promotion.  Together, we will collaborate and choose which representation will fit you best.  Does your next design need to be classy and clean, fun and fresh or sharp and simple? Our success comes from your success and we are determined to provide you with a great quality product.  We're excited to work with you!



Our Clients Say It Best

At BS Pro Design, we truly appreciate our customers and the relationships we've built!  

Marc "Skippy" Price, Testimonial for BS Pro Design.jpg
Marc Yaffee, Testimonial for BS Pro Design.jpg
Untitled design (99).png
Jeff Shaw, Testimonial for BS Pro Design.png

"BS Pro Design rocks a solid poster for a reasonable price, and so fast.  Bill Stone is one of the best promotional designers I have ever worked with."

Marc "Skippy" Price

"If you need quality work, fast and affordable, Bill Stone is your man. BS Pro design always delivers original and fresh promotional material."

Marc Yaffee

"BS Pro design does amazing work and I use them all the time!  Reasonably priced and quality work."

Jim Florentine

"If you don't want to spend big bills for someone to design you a show bill because your show doesn't pay big bills, then Bill's low-bill show bills will definitely fit the bill. (In layman's terms: The dude is an amazing graphic artist so hire him/   BS Pro Design today)!"

Jeff Shaw

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